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Kenney announces funding for local Jewish community organizations

September 2, 2009

Jason Kenney, the Conservative citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism minister, held a press conference Friday on behalf of the federal public security ministry to announce more than $220,000 in funding to enhance security for local Jewish community organizations.

“Crime prevention is a priority for our government and we recognize the particular importance of preventing hate-motivated crime,” Kenney said to reporters at Federation CJA headquarters. “The reality today is that Canada isn’t immune from violent acts that targets individuals or groups based on their race, ethnicity, culture, religion or identity.

“According to Statistics Canada, nearly 800 hate crimes were reported across Canada in 2007 alone… Hate-motivated crime often leaves more than just physical damage — it can put an entire community into a state of fear or anxiety.”

The funding is part of the $3 million, three-year Communities At Risk: Security Infrastructure Pilot Program (SIP), which has provided funding to communities that are especially vulnerable or have been attacked by racists and anti-Semites . Over the past few years, Jewish schools like United Talmud Torah in St. Laurent and institutions like the YM-YWHA Jewish Community Centre have been attacked. Other targets here and across the country have included mosques and First Nations institutions.

This year, the federal government is providing funding to Beth Jacob de Rav Hirshprung School in Outremont ($47,000), the girls’ school Beth Rivkah Academy ($9,750), Centre de la Petite Enfance des Écoles Juives populaires et des Écoles Peretz in Côte St. Luc ($14,700), Communauté Sepharade Hekhal-Shalom Synagogue in St. Laurent ($9,550), Congregation Beth Tikvah in Dollard des Ormeaux ($14,618), Hebrew Academy in Côte St. Luc ($25,400), Rabbinat Sépharade du Québec ($12,400), Shaare Zedek Congregation in NDG ($7,285), Solomon Schechter Academy ($11,700) and the YM-YWHA JCC in Snowdon ($70,600).

The government provides part of the funding, while the rest come from the organizations themselves. The funds are for security assessments (25 percent of the total cost), security equipment and hardware, minor construction costs and security training costs.

Adam Atlas, president of Quebec Jewish Congress (formerly Canadian Jewish Congress, Quebec region), praised the funding, saying it made him “especially proud to be a Canadian”.
“We are grateful your government has chosen to invest in the safety and security of all of its citizens. We see this as an expression of a commitment to freedom and liberty.”

article by Joel Goldenberg

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Canada and Yukon Announce New Agreement on Immigration

June 2, 2008

The Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration for Canada and the Honourable Patrick Rouble, Minister of Education for Yukon, announced in May the new Agreement for Canada Yukon Cooperation on Immigration and launched a new immigration Web portal for the territory.

The new agreement helps strengthen the partnership between the two governments to encourage immigration to Yukon. The immigration agreement enhances cooperation between Canada and Yukon in overseas promotion and recruitment activities to help attract skilled immigrants, temporary workers and students; allows Yukon to nominate more immigrants, like with many provinces, with specific skills to respond to the territory’s labour market needs, for quicker processing by the federal government; commits the two governments to working together to secure better recognition of foreign qualifications and faster integration of immigrants into the labour market.

The new territorial Web portal complements the agreement by enhancing online content, tools and services for newcomers. The portal will serve to promote the territory as a destination of choice, and help immigrants settle and prosper in the region.

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Marrying a Canadian Citizen Requires Sponsorship for Permanent Resident Status

May 26, 2008

Many people that I have spoken with over the years are under the misapprehension that as soon as someone marries a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, that confers special status on the foreign spouse. Marriage to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada confers no immediate status on anyone. Once married, it is necessary for the Canadian to apply to sponsor his/her spouse to become a Canadian citizen in order to obtain permanent resident status for the spouse. A permanent resident of Canada must be residing inside in Canada in order to commence the spousal application for Canadian immigration. The Canadian citizen may be residing abroad when the application to sponsor is filed as long as evidence of his/her intention to return to Canada is included with the application once the spouse’s visa has been issued.

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Immigration Sponsorship and Children

January 17, 2008

A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada may sponsor a spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner for immigration to Canada. After determining that the sponsor is eligible to sponsor, by examining the sponsor’s status in Canada, and his/her income, a Canadian immigration visa officer must evaluate whether the relationship is genuine. One of the best ways to determine this is if the couple who are considering immigration to Canada has conceived a child together. Recently, a client was asked to provide the Statement of Live Birth for the couple’s child that was born in Canada as evidence of the couple’s relationship. Any government document that confirms the names of both parents of the child should be tendered as evidence to establish that the relationship is in fact genuine.

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