Change in Marital Status During the Canadian Immigration Application Process

It is very important to remember that if a person who has applied alone for Canadian permanent resident status gets married or has lived with a partner for twelve consecutive months before becoming a permanent resident of Canada, then the potential Canadian immigrant MUST advise the visa post of the change in marital status prior […]

Permanent Residence Card Renewals

Now that it has been over five years since the new Regulations for Canadian immigration were introduced, many permanent residents find it necessary to apply to renew their Canadian permanent resident cards. The volume of these applications submitted to the Sydney Case Processing Centre has greatly increased, from 150 applications per week back in April […]

Canadian/US Refugee Claims On Hold

The Canadian government is appealing a recent Federal Court of Canada decision concerning the ability of refugee claimants already in the USA to commence refugee claims in Canada. As a result of a stay of the decision pending the outcome of the appeal, persons currently in the USA are prohibited from commencing refugee claims in […]

Study Permits and Postgraduate Work Permits

Persons who have studied in Canada with a valid study permit may apply for a postgraduate work permit following the completion of their course of study. Those people who have attended postsecondary institutions outside of the Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver areas who intend to work outside of those areas can obtain postgraduate work permits for […]

Immigration and Language Proficiency

Prior to June 2002, a Canadian immigration applicant’s language ability was assessed at an interview with a visa officer. Now under the current Regulations, an applicant for immigration to Canada can submit evidence of English language ability with results from the IELTS examination; and evidence of French language ability with results from the TEF examination. […]

Provincial Nominee Program vs Federal Applications

Submitting a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) application for permanent residence in Canada is certainly a faster way of obtaining one’s permanent resident status. We receive many inquiries from potential Canadian immigrants who are eligible to apply in the Federal program but who wish their applications fast tracked using a PNP. Unless an applicant meets the […]