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Why Choose Legal Assistance for Canadian Immigration

Upon deciding to immigrate to Canada, you must decide how to go about securing your Canadian Immigration status.
The main three (3) options are to 1) Utilize the services of a law firm; 2) Employ a consultant; or 3) Do it yourself.

The question of why you should choose a lawyer to help immigrate to Canada can be best answered if broken down into two (2) separate but related questions:

Note: Jeffrey Abrams and Peter Krochak are members of the Law Society of Upper Canada, which is the governing body for lawyers in the Province of Ontario, Canada and one (1) of fourteen (14) law societies across Canada (see http://www.flsc.ca), whose members are AUTOMATICALLY recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Lawyers do NOT have to be registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) to be recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Do I need a Representative?

If you were purchasing your first home, would it not be prudent for you to use the services of a real estate lawyer to review all of the related paperwork so that there were no unforeseen “surprises” when you took possession of the property? Likewise, if you intended on purchasing a business, would you not consider using the services of a corporate lawyer before signing your name on any documents to ensure that your rights are protected? The answer to both questions would probably be “yes”. Why, then, should the answer be any different when deciding whether to use the services of a Canadian Immigration lawyer to help you to immigrate to Canada?

The decision to uproot yourself and in some cases your family from your home country and establish yourself in Canada is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. Given the investment of time, resources and emotion that the Canada Immigration process entails, you may want the professional assistance of a Canadian Immigration Lawyer to ensure that the process is as easy, straightforward, flawless and expedient as possible.

Since Abrams & Krochak’s inception in 1996, the firm has been approached by countless individuals, who stated that they knew that they were qualified to immigrate to Canada and had all of the necessary documents and then went ahead to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada on their own and were unsuccessful, losing valuable time and money. Although your qualifications may be impressive, if you do not have effective representation whereby a lawyer will highlight your qualifications for Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials to review, your qualifications may get overlooked.

Among the services that the law firm of Abrams & Krochak provides is ensuring that your letters of reference comply with Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s standards; ensuring that your Application forms have been filled out correctly (incidentally, the forms are rarely filled out correctly); and drafting written, legal arguments, which will accompany your Application package and which will argue why you should be issued a Canadian immigrant visa.

Furthermore, because Abrams & Krochak is situated in Canada, the firm is in the best position to advise you of any changes to Canadian Immigration laws, regulations, policies or procedures, which impact upon your proposed Canadian Immigration plans either positively or negatively.