Proposed Changes to Canadian Immigration Application Process

The proposed legislative changes to the way in which skilled worker applications for Canadian immigration are processed should have been enacted to take effect some time after the changes became law. Furthermore, it would have been preferable had the government published the types of applications it intends to fast track in advance of enacting the […]

Canadian Immigration Applications Must Be Accurate When Submitted

A potential client  wishing to immigrate to Canada wrote to me recently indicating that he would be completing his university degree within six months.  As he had to submit the simplified application form, he wondered if he could submit the application right away and just indicate on the form that the degree had been completed, […]

New Canadian Immigration Legislation May Allow Fast-tracking of Applications

On March 14, 2008, legislative amendments were introduced by the Government of Canada which will change the way in which applications for Canadian immigration or permanent residence in the skilled worker category will be processed. The amendments have yet to be approved; however, the changes will give the Canadian government the ability to fast track […]

Canadian Immigration Application Refusals – What to Do Next

I received a phone call today from a fellow whose Canadian immigration application was refused a few days ago. He was distraught as according to him, there were details listed in the decision letter that were completely erroneous. He wondered whether it would be advisable to commence an appeal. I advised him that before starting […]

Accurate Documentation Necessary for Successful Canadian Immigration

I was recently contacted by a potential Canadian immigrant, whose application was refused when the visa officer did not award points for his Master’s degree. He lost his degree and submitted his application with a certificate from the university confirming that the degree was issued but that according to the recipient, the original degree had […]