Canada ruling Conservatives ahead of rivals – poll

Canada’s governing Conservatives are well ahead of their main rivals and would most likely win a majority government if an election were help now, according to a poll released on Monday. The Ipsos-Reid survey for Canwest News Service put the Conservatives at 40 percent in popular support, with the Liberals, the top opposition party, trailing […]

Google Street View Now in Canada

Google Street View was recently launched for 11 cities in Canada. The Canadian government has been very public about their apprehensions with this new technology. They have expressed their concern for the privacy of citizens and their homes. Google has blurred all faces and license plates in order to ensure the privacy of any individual […]

Linens 'N Things Resurrected (In Canada)

In today’s marketplace, going out of business doesn’t mean you go away forever. Your storefronts may disappear, but you’ll just pop up again online—like CompUSA and Circuit City—or you’ll come back on someone else’s shelves as a brand, like Linens ‘N Things. The company announced in a press release last week that it’s signed a […]

Mazda to bring new subcompact to Canada

In an interview with Mazda Motor Corporation president and CEO Takashi Yamanouchi, the Globe and Mail quotes the Mazda boss confirming that the subcompact Mazda2 (Demio in other markets) will be sold in Canada. “I’ve just decided,” Yamanouchi told the Globe and Mail. While it would appear to the average consumer like a simple decision, […]

Calgary CMA's new home price decline fifth highest in Canada

The Calgary census metropolitan area registered the fifth highest 12-month decline in new house prices in August, according to Statistics Canada. The federal agency’s New Housing Price Index, released today, indicates contractors’ selling prices dropped by 6.3 per cent in Calgary from August 2008 to August 2009. The biggest decline was in Edmonton at 11.4 […]

War looms as Taliban surge rocks Pakistan

ISLAMABAD–Pakistan is moving ever closer to a bloody confrontation with the Taliban, which is teaming up with ethnic rivals in a bold series of attacks in the country’s crowded cities. Militants from the heart of Pakistan joined forces with Taliban insurgents from the remote Afghan border region to carry out the audacious weekend assault on […]