Permanent Residence Immigration Interviews

While many of our clients applying for Canadian permanent residence in the skilled worker category are approved without the requirement of an interview, when interviews are scheduled, we prepare our clients for their interview. Prior to June 2002, language ability was assessed at the interview. Since June 2002, however, language ability is assessed primarily on […]

Immigration Job Title Guidelines

A potential Canadian immigrant recently contacted me as she was completing Abrams & Krochak’s on line questionnaire. She was concerned that the job title she had in her country of citizenship may not correspond with the duties someone is expected to have performed for that occupation in Canada. Her concern, while ultimately unwarranted in her […]

Immigration Sponsorship and Children

A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada may sponsor a spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner for immigration to Canada. After determining that the sponsor is eligible to sponsor, by examining the sponsor’s status in Canada, and his/her income, a Canadian immigration visa officer must evaluate whether the relationship is genuine. One of the […]

Clarifying Degree Requirements for Skilled Workers

There has been much confusion regarding the points allocated for a skilled worker applicant with an Associate’s Degree as opposed to a Bachelor’s Degree when applying for immigration to Canada. If the Associate’s Degree is issued by a community college which offers no higher level of degree in that discipline, then a two year Associate’s […]

Travel Arrangements for Permanent Residency

We are currently representing a client for Canadian immigration from the UK whose application for Canadian permanent residence was submitted to the Canadian High Commission in London. He decided to make a visit to Canada, but arrived with a one way plane ticket and had no accomodations arranged in advance, nor did he have any […]