Immigration consultant arrested

The RCMP has arrested a Quebec immigration consultant accused of providing Canadian citizenship and immigration documents to hundreds of residents of Middle East countries who then collected tax benefits from Ottawa. Ahmad El-Akhal, 62, was arrested in Montreal on Thursday following a 2½-year investigation by the RCMP’s Immigration and Passport and Commercial Crimes sections. His […]

Montreal man charged in alleged $500K immigration scheme

MONTREAL – A 62-year-old Île Bizard man is facing several dozen charges in connection with an immigration scheme that police say bilked Canadian taxpayers out of half a million dollars. According to a release issued Friday by the RCMP’s Immigration, Passport and Commercial Crime Sections, Ahmad El-Akhal used fraudulent means to obtain Canadian passports and […]

It’s now official: Santa Claus is a Canadian

Now we know why Santa Claus wears only red and white: Because he’s a Canadian. And that’s official (ho, ho, ho). Canada’s Immigration Minister Jason Kenney confirmed it again  at a citizenship ceremony in Calgary. The Vancouver Sun reports that the cabinet minister “reaffirmed” the jolly fat man (maybe he’s been eating too much poutine?) as a Canadian in […]

New arrivals push up immigration levels in Canada to their highest since 1971

Most of parts of Canada have recorded their highest immigration levels since figures began in their present form in 1971. Data from Statistics Canada for the third quarter of 2010 put Canada’s population at 34,238,000, an increase of 129,300, some 0.4%, since July. During the third quarter, 84,200 immigrants arrived in Canada, 8,800 more than in the same quarter of 2009. Despite the […]

Immigration bolsters Canada’s population

For the third quarter of 2010, 65 percent or 84,200 people of the 129,300 who were added to Canada’s head count were migrants. The new arrivals did not just stay in key urban centers such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, but also spread out into the provinces and territories. Tiny Prince Edward Island welcomed 1,200 […]