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The AKCanada Difference

Abrams & Krochak, Canadian Immigration Lawyers, have been helping people immigrate to Canada since 1996. We have helped tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life, successfully immigrate to Canada from almost every country in the world.

All about the Details

Should you wish to retain/engage us to represent you with respect to your proposed Canadian Immigration plans,
you can expect to receive the following superior services from our firm:

  • We make every effort to respond to your e-mail, fax or telephone inquiries within one (1) business day of the time of receipt, fifty-two (52) weeks per year
  • We include a complete preliminary Canada Immigration package to send to you, via e-mail, which contains all of the necessary forms, document checklists, instructions and information necessary for you to commence the Application process
  • A Canadian Immigration attorney will review each Application form and provide a copy for your review and approval prior to our submission of them to Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials
  • The benefits of Abrams & Krochak also include drafting detailed, written legal arguments on your behalf to Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials in support of your Canada Immigration Application. This includes an opportunity for you to review and approve our work
  • Abrams & Krochak also helps find accommodation and schooling for your children (if applicable) upon your arrival in Canada and assistance with applying for health care and social insurance upon your arrival in Canada.
  • For business applicants, we prepare a formal business proposal to accompany your Application for Permanent Residence in Canada. For skilled worker applicants, we also help by providing you with Canadian Citizenship and Immigration occupation definition(s) of your stated occupation(s) to assist you with the procurement of letters of reference in support of your Application for Permanent Residence in Canada as required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials. Likewise, reviewing and providing constructive criticism of your draft letters of reference is also an important part of the AKCanada difference
  • We also monitor the status of your file and follow up, when necessary, with Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials and other concerned departments regarding the status of your Canada Immigration Application
  • We help prepare you and advise you in preparation for your interview with Canada visa officials (should an interview be necessary) by providing you with sample interview questions and feedback on your responses
  • We offer a variety of tools and support services in finding a job in Canada


We have the knowledge and experience, and a unique understanding of the process that will make your Application for Permanent Residence in Canada successful. Best of all, our service does not stop there; we help answer questions, and provide tools and knowledge to help build your new life in Canada. We want to help you transform your dream into the reality of a new home ...and that home is Canada!


We can assist you to immigrate to all provinces and territories of Canada as the Canada Immigration system is common to all English-speaking provinces and territories. Furthermore, we have a network of contacts in each and every province and territory to assist you with your settlement needs.

Success Rate

We enjoy a near perfect success rate with our clients, who retain/engage us either via the Internet or by visiting our offices, making us one of the most successful Canadian Immigration law firms in the country.* All Canada Immigration Application packages filed by Abrams & Krochak on behalf of our clients are prepared by a team of experienced Canadian Immigration lawyers, who are attentive to detail and accuracy. Consequently, our Canada Immigration law firm is highly respected by visa officers around the world, thereby ensuring that our clients' Applications for Permanent Residence in Canada receive proper attention.

Personal Touch

We invite all clients to meet with us, personally, at our offices in Toronto after your arrival in Canada to help ensure that your move to this country is problem-free. When looking for an Immigration lawyer in Canada, we hope you choose Abrams & Krochak.

*Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.