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How to Immigrate to Canada:
Key Steps in the Canadian Immigration

When a Canada Immigration applicant becomes a client of Abrams & Krochak, the very first thing he/she will receive from the firm is the firm’s Canada Immigration preliminary package, which contains all of the necessary forms, document checklists, instructions and information to enable the client to commence the Canadian Immigration Application process with Abrams & Krochak’s assistance. Set out, below, are the subsequent steps that clients should follow to ensure a smooth and successful Canada Immigration Application process.



The client reads the Canada Immigration preliminary package carefully and follows the instructions as contained therein.


Application Forms

The client fills out the Government of Canada Application forms as forwarded with Abrams & Krochak’s preliminary package.


Complete Application Forms

The client sends his/her completed Canada Immigration Application forms to Abrams & Krochak for review. The client is not to send any other documents at this time, with the exception of language test results and Education Credential Assessments for Express Entry applicants, and copies of the biodata page of the passports of the applicant(s) and sponsor for Family Class applications.


Application Forms Computer Generated/Express Entry Online Profile Created

The firm reviews the client’s Canada Immigration Application forms. Once the forms are confirmed to be complete, in the case of Business Class and Family Class applicants, the firm will e-mail the revised application forms back to the client for approval. In the case of Federal Skilled Worker Class/Federal Skilled Trades Class/Canadian Experience Class applicants, the firm will create the applicant’s Express Entry Online Profile. In all cases, if further information/clarifications are required from the client, the client will be notified, via e-mail.


Send Documents to our Office

In the case of Business Class and Family Class applicants, the client sends all of his/her documents to the firm by email. The client must also send the Government of Canada’s fees to Abrams & Krochak at this time. The same holds true for Express Entry applicants, if invited by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.


Legal Arguments Prepared for Business Class Applicants, and other application types as needed

In the case of Business Class applicants and other applicants as needed, if the client’s documents are acceptable, the firm will prepare detailed written, legal arguments to accompany the client’s Canada Immigration Application package and e-mail the written, legal arguments to the client for the client’s approval prior to inclusion with the Canada Immigration Application.


Send Your Application to IRCC

In the case of Business Class and Family Class applicants, when the supporting documents have been reviewed and confirmed to be complete, the firm fills out the online application forms, requests signed application forms as applicable, and uploads the signed forms and documents in the IRCC Permanent Residence Application Portal. Following the clients approval of the online application, and their signature of the application, the firm submits the application through the online portal to IRCC.

In the case of Express Entry, once compiled per IRCC’s specifications and approved by the client the documents are uploaded and submitted through the Authorized Representative Portal.


Acknowledgment Received and Further Requests for Action/Documentation

The Canada visa office or processing centre will acknowledge receipt of the Canada Immigration Application. During processing of the application, additional actions will be required such as the completion of biometrics and the medical exam. IRCC will also request any police certificates that require a formal request letter during processing of the application, based on the country specific requirements. Additional documents/information may also be requested during processing, at IRCC’s discretion.


Interview Date

If an interview is required, the Canada visa office or processing centre will inform Abrams & Krochak of the client’s interview date. Additional documents may also be requested at this time.


Interview Preparation

If an interview is required, Abrams & Krochak’s interview preparation package is sent to the client, via e-mail, which includes sample interview questions. Note the majority of our clients are not required to complete an interview.


Interview Answer Analysis

If an interview is required, the client submits answers to Abrams & Krochak’s sample interview questions to the firm for review and analysis.



If an interview is required, the client attends the interview at the Canadian visa office.



A decision is made by the Canadian visa office or processing centre. If the decision is positive, the Government of Canada’s Right of Permanent Residence fees must be paid (if not paid at the time the application was submitted), and the client will be asked to forward his/her passport to the Canadian visa office for immigrant visa insertion.



If the decision is positive, the passport is returned to the client with immigrant visa affixed therein and the Confirmation of Permanent Residence. For applicants from a country not requiring a visa to travel to Canada, the Confirmation of Permanent Residence will be sent to the client. The immigrant visa and Confirmation of Permanent Residence will bear an expiration date and the client must arrive in Canada prior to the expiration date to become landed. Congratulations! If arriving in Toronto, the client is invited to visit Abrams & Krochak’s office to receive free settlement advice.