British Columbia Becomes One Step Easier to Immigrate to Canada

Recently Dr. Alice Wong, Parliamentary Secretary to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, and Moira Stilwell, B.C. Minister of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development, signed the new Canada-British Columbia Immigration Agreement. Immigation Minister Kenney had the following to say: “The signing of today’s agreement with British Columbia will support the integration of newcomers, helping to ensure […]

Vulcan (Alta.) rolls out grand homecoming for Spock

VULCAN, Alta. — Despite a spell of unwelcoming hail, rain and snow, Mr. Spock finally arrived in the small Alberta town of Vulcan on Friday, ending what some say has been a 10-year quest to bring the half-human, half-Vulcan home. Dressed casually in a grey sweater and black pants, a beaming Leonard Nimoy arrived without […]

Nepal adoption suspension riles Canadians

A group of Canadian couples hopes to convince the federal government to overturn a recommendation last month to suspend all adoptions from Nepal. Ottawa resident Adrian Gollner and his wife are among 11 couples who had started the process of adopting children in Nepal in the hopes of bringing them to Canada in 2009. But […]

Canadian ePassports to launch in 2012

Passport Canada plans to launch an ePassport in 2012, and in the meantime it wants to hear Canadians’ thoughts on the issue  including revised fees. The new passport will be little changed in appearance but will contain an electronic chip encoded with the bearer’s name, gender, and date and place of birth, as well as […]

March with no snow first on record

There has never been a March in history when there haven’t been any flakes of snow. Until now. “There no snow in downtown this March – not even a trace amount recorded,” said David Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada, since record keeping began in 1845. “It’s really astounding!” This lack of snow beats the […]

Small army to protect Toronto during G20 summit

G20 Police forces have entered into an alliance to deal with the threat of violent protest at Toronto’s G20 summit with as many as 10,000 uniformed officers and 1,000 private security guards teaming up to protect world leaders. Federal contract tenders obtained by The Globe indicate a small army will descend on Canada’s largest city […]