Canadian Business Immigration Networking Opportunity

Please be advised that the Business Immigration Section of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade is planning a “Doing Business in Ontario” seminar in English on Thursday August 14, 2008 from 8:30am to 12:00pm. This is a half-day orientation on topics relating to business start-up for new Canadian business immigrants. Our many Canadian immigration […]

Document Definitions for Canadian Immigration

Document checklists will describe what supporting documents must accompany an application for Canadian immigration . It is worthwhile to understand that the terms “original”, “notarized copy”, “photocopy” and “certified translation” appear on the checklists in order to present the proper form of document to comply with the government’s Canadian Immigration requirements. An original document is […]

Abrams & Krochak Will Review Updated Canadian Immigration Documents for Clients

With Canadian immigration applications taking so long to process, and with the implementation of the simplified application forms, there is the inevitable request from the visa office for a complete set of application forms, or updated forms, as well as the request for supporting documents or updated documents. Clients of Abrams & Krochak receiving notification […]

Temporary Work Permit Process May Be Streamlined

In Ontario, the tourism industry is lobbying the federal government to facilitate the hiring of temporary foreign workers in the hospitality and restaurant sectors as popular vacation areas such as the Muskoka region have a high demand for workers. Currently, the process for small business owners to apply for temporary foreign workers is viewed by […]

In Demand Occupations to be Determined for Priority Canadian Immigration

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration announced on July 3, 2008 that consultations will take place with the provincial and territorial representatives commencing July 7, 2008 to determine the occupations most in demand in Canada. These consultations will assist the Minister in formulating a list of occupations which will take priority in processing from the […]

Refugee Claims in Canada and US Remain Unchanged

On June 27, 2008, the Federal Court of Appeal ruled that the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the USA is a legal agreement which consequently remains in effect.  This means that anyone first arriving in the USA who wishes to claim asylum must do so in the USA and will not be allowed […]