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Canadian Immigration Applications Must Be Accurate When Submitted

March 20, 2008

A potential client  wishing to immigrate to Canada wrote to me recently indicating that he would be completing his university degree within six months.  As he had to submit the simplified application form, he wondered if he could submit the application right away and just indicate on the form that the degree had been completed, so that he could claim the points, knowing that documentary proof would not be requested  by the Canadian immigration office for at least a year, well after he actually completed the degree.  I advised him that he could not, as he must wait to finish the degree before indicating in a form he signs and dates that it is complete as of the date of signing the form.  It would be quite risky, in my opinion, to claim to have completed requirements for immigration  to Canada that have yet to been finished, especially where the completion is relevant to the approval of the application for Canadian permanent residence.

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New Canadian Immigration Legislation May Allow Fast-tracking of Applications

March 17, 2008

On March 14, 2008, legislative amendments were introduced by the Government of Canada which will change the way in which applications for Canadian immigration or permanent residence in the skilled worker category will be processed. The amendments have yet to be approved; however, the changes will give the Canadian government the ability to fast track some Canadian immigration applications at the government’s discretion. The changes were introduced in an attempt to streamline the system and eliminate the backlog. The changes once passed, will apply to all applications for immigration to Canada received on or after February 27, 2008.

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Change in Marital Status During the Canadian Immigration Application Process

February 27, 2008

It is very important to remember that if a person who has applied alone for Canadian permanent resident status gets married or has lived with a partner for twelve consecutive months before becoming a permanent resident of Canada, then the potential Canadian immigrant MUST advise the visa post of the change in marital status prior to landing in Canada. It is not an option as those applying for immigration to Canada must confirm their marital status on the day they land in Canada. If someone lands as a single person when in fact they are married or have a common-law partner, they risk losing their Canadian permanent resident status in the future, especially if they attempt to then sponsor their spouse or common-law partner for Canadian Immigration.

Permanent Residence Card Renewals

February 22, 2008

Now that it has been over five years since the new Regulations for Canadian immigration were introduced, many permanent residents find it necessary to apply to renew their Canadian permanent resident cards. The volume of these applications submitted to the Sydney Case Processing Centre has greatly increased, from 150 applications per week back in April of 2007 to 1900 applications per week as of January 2008. Persons who need to extend their permanent resident cards should allow at least seventy days for the issuance of the new cards.

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Provincial Nominee Program vs Federal Applications

February 2, 2008

Submitting a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) application for permanent residence in Canada is certainly a faster way of obtaining one’s permanent resident status. We receive many inquiries from potential Canadian immigrants who are eligible to apply in the Federal program but who wish their applications fast tracked using a PNP. Unless an applicant meets the PNP requirements, however, it is recommended that the Federal application be submitted. Should a person applying for Canadian immigration who has submitted a federal application later meet the PNP requirements, it may be possible to apply the government fees previously paid for the federal application to the new PNP, provided that no assessment has yet occurred in the Federal application. By submitting the Federal application right away, a person seeking to become a Canadian immigrant has the security of knowing that his application is in process and that he or she will not be losing time by delaying filing the application , hoping to meet the PNP requirements in the future.

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Permanent Residence Immigration Interviews

January 28, 2008

While many of our clients applying for Canadian permanent residence in the skilled worker category are approved without the requirement of an interview, when interviews are scheduled, we prepare our clients for their interview. Prior to June 2002, language ability was assessed at the interview. Since June 2002, however, language ability is assessed primarily on the basis of IELTS or TEF results for English and French respectively. The function of the interview, therefore, is to examine any or all of the potential Canadian Immigrant’s education, employment history, relationships, or to screen for potential security issues. It is best to be prepared by having one’s original documents organized and readily accessible for the Canadian Immigration visa officer when required. At times, Canadian Immigration visa officers may appear unpleasant or aggressive in their questioning, however it is best to answer honestly, calmly and completely to all questions posed to have the best chance for success at the interview.

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