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Changes to Visitor Visa Requirements

March 6, 2008

As of March 1, 2008, it is not necessary for citizens of Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania and Hungary to obtain visitor visas before travelling to Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has removed the visitor visa requirement from these EU countries, with a view to some day removing visitor visa requirements from the last two EU countries that still require a visitor visa: Bulgaria and Romania. In order to obtain a visitor visa, one requires a letter of invitation from a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada that establishes the Canadian’s source of income and ability to support the visitor for the duration of his visit. The visitor should also be able to confirm that he/she has ties to his/her country of citizenship including employment, to return to following the visit. Notwithstanding evidence submitted in support of the visitor visa application, it is a discretionary application and is often refused citing the intended visitor’s lack of ties to his/her country of citizenship.

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Change in Marital Status During the Canadian Immigration Application Process

February 27, 2008

It is very important to remember that if a person who has applied alone for Canadian permanent resident status gets married or has lived with a partner for twelve consecutive months before becoming a permanent resident of Canada, then the potential Canadian immigrant MUST advise the visa post of the change in marital status prior to landing in Canada. It is not an option as those applying for immigration to Canada must confirm their marital status on the day they land in Canada. If someone lands as a single person when in fact they are married or have a common-law partner, they risk losing their Canadian permanent resident status in the future, especially if they attempt to then sponsor their spouse or common-law partner for Canadian Immigration.

Travel Arrangements for Permanent Residency

January 8, 2008

We are currently representing a client for Canadian immigration from the UK whose application for Canadian permanent residence was submitted to the Canadian High Commission in London. He decided to make a visit to Canada, but arrived with a one way plane ticket and had no accomodations arranged in advance, nor did he have any friends or family in Canada to visit. After a lengthy interview by immigration at the airport and a lengthy phone call from an immigration officer to me at my office, our client was admitted as a visitor to Canada. He could easily have been refused entry, however, so it is good practice to have a return ticket and prearranged accommodations when travelling to Canada as a visitor who is applying for permanent residency in Canada.

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