Olympic torch light hearts on fire here and across this land

There was a remarkable outpouring of emotion in Stratford, Tavistock and Shakespeare on Sunday for the arrival, passing and departure of the Olympic torch. So much so that we can beat our chests a little with civic pride in the belief that what happened here was a totally unique experience specific to this area. It […]

Olympic torch relay takes detour as natives protest in Ontario

It was a joyous Olympic torch celebration in Six Nations of the Grand River Monday night despite earlier anxiety over protests hindering the spirit of the event. More than a thousand people gathered at the local bingo hall, waving Six Nations flags in support of the flame being passed through their community, about 90 kilometres […]

Olympic torch relay heads for city – Track the Torch to Old City Hall

The Olympic torch which started the day in Oshawa has begun to wind its way towards the downtown. Police are asking motorists to be patient throughout the afternoon as the relay heads south on Yonge St. into the city through Richmond Hill, Thornhill and North York and then to the Scarborough Town Centre. From there […]