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It is not everyday that you are fortunate to meet a business that is up to date, ethical and straightforward. Abrams and Krochak met this criteria 100%. My process took a period of 4 years to complete and during this time the assistance given to me was exemplary. They kept in contact with, through out all the stages of my visa process, ensuring I get updates and answered every question on a timely basis. To all their legal personnel who over the years who worked on my file and kept in touch with me I want to say a special thank you. I could not have come this far without your professionalism for detail and your constant support via email. As a company you embody efficiency, effectiveness and the greatest customer service that I have seen. I thank you for all your hard work, and this great opportunity that you have given me.

Ms. Shirland Sealy

Type of Application: Skilled Worker
Country: St. Lucia

The staff was wonderful and very professional in handling all queries and concerns which may develop. They kept me informed about important dates and information, which I would normally overlook. Thank you to all staff members in helping me achieve a speedy process with the consulate.

Miss Shana Willie

Type of Application: Skilled Worker
Country: St. Lucia