Expected U.S. ambassador to Canada has Obama's ear

In a possible indication of the easygoing and friendly relationship between Canada and the United States, the nominee for U.S. ambassador to Canada answered questions on Wednesday from a single U.S. senator who turned up at his confirmation hearing in Washington. The hearing room has seating for 21 senators. U.S. President Barack Obama’s nominee, David […]

Czechs, Mexicans require visas

More than five million people visit Canada every year — and now more of them are going to have a harder time getting in the door. Every visitor to Canada has to meet some basic requirements. For instance, they must possess a valid travel document, be in good health and convince an immigration officer they […]

Tell Your Immigration Story – "WHY I WANT STUDY ENGLISH IN CANADA"

To all of our fans, we would like to share with you one of the entries for the “Tell Us Your Immigration Story Contest” Please share your comments with us, and if you have a favorite story or you would like to participatein the Tell Us Your Immigration Story Contest, please send your story to […]

Immigration and Language Proficiency

Prior to June 2002, a Canadian immigration applicant’s language ability was assessed at an interview with a visa officer. Now under the current Regulations, an applicant for immigration to Canada can submit evidence of English language ability with results from the IELTS examination; and evidence of French language ability with results from the TEF examination. […]