Our Process : After you Apply

Once you have completed a successful Free Canada Immigration Eligibility Assessment form, located on this site and decided to become a client of Abrams & Krochak, a series of forms will be provided to you by e-mail and you will be asked to complete these forms. Once completed, Abrams & Krochak will work diligently on your behalf and your Canada Immigration Application will be sent to the government. You will be issued an Acknowledgement of Receipt Letter, which will include your File Number. It generally takes between three (3) to four (4) months to receive an Acknowledgement Letter.

Once your Canada Immigration Application has been acknowledged by the visa office, it is placed in queue for assessment. Visa offices differ in the amount of time they take to provide an initial assessment, and different Application types are processed within different time frames. Part of the initial assessment is to ascertain whether an interview will be a required element of your Canada Immigration Application. The initial assessment may also include a request for additional documents, to supplement those that were included as part of your Application when it was initially filed by our office.

Once our office has filed your Canada Immigration Application, you will be asked to monitor a number of aspects about your situation, and keep our office informed of updates and developments with regards to certain matters. Note that not all of the points listed below may apply to you and your file; however, we would like to remind you to keep track and inform us of the following:

  1. Check Your E-mail: Even though correspondence from our firm may not be frequent, as our office will be receiving correspondence from the Canada visa office on your behalf, and as we will be notifying you of updates with regards to your file via email, we ask that you check your email regularly. Make sure that you check BOTH your JunkMail AND InBox for correspondence from our firm. Make sure to notify us if you change your email address;
  2. Changes In Family Composition: You must keep us informed of changes in your family composition, with regards to individuals listed on your "Application for Permanent Residence" form. If you marry, divorce, have a child or, unfortunately, experience a death in your immediate family, you must notify our office so that we may update the visa office with this information and instruct you as to what course of action to take;
  3. Change of Address: If you move to a new address after your Application has been filed, then you must notify our office;
  4. Changes in Passport Details/Status: You must notify our office if your legal status changes in any way. For example, if you filed your Canada Immigration Application while under a Work Permit, and then switch to a Study Permit, or if your visa expires, or if you acquire a new visa from a different country, etcetera. You must also notify us of details such as a change of name.

Do keep our office informed of changes, such as those listed above, as this will aid us to keep track of elements pertinent to your file. Failure to update the visa office with the types of changes in information enumerated above could be detrimental to your Canada Immigration Application.

All applicants for Immigration to Canada are required to have a medical examination. The purpose of the medical exam is to ascertain whether the potential immigrant has a health condition that is likely to be a danger to public health or safety, or that could be very demanding on health or social services.

Once your Canada Immigration Application has been fully processed and finalized, the Canada visa officers will request that you and your dependants provide your passports for the purpose of having your Canada Permanent Resident visas issued. At this time, you will need to send your original passports directly to the Canadian Consulate General/Canadian High Commission/Canadian Embassy that is handling your Application. The visas will then be physically inserted into your passports and will be returned to you. Typically, the visa officers will allow for the passports to be returned via a shipping method which enables one to track the shipment. The issuance of your visas and return of your passports is typically performed within two to three weeks of your submission of the passports to the visa post.

The expiration date of your visa should be one year from the date that you complete/completed your medical examination. You will need to land in Canada (i.e. physically enter Canada) by that date or your visa will be considered expired and you will lose your Permanent Residency status.

While the process can be frustrating at times and complex we can boast a near 100% success rate in converting successful eligibility Immigration applicants to Canadian Residents.*

*Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.