I received a phone call today from a fellow whose Canadian immigration application was refused a few days ago. He was distraught as according to him, there were details listed in the decision letter that were completely erroneous. He wondered whether it would be advisable to commence an appeal. I advised him that before starting the costly and time consuming application for leave and judicial review in the Federal Court, it would be beneficial to write to the Canadian immigration visa officer first. A nonconfrontational, matter-of-fact, polite request for a reconsideration of the negative decision can be most effective if one sets out the issues one believes the visa officer got wrong. There have been a few times when the visa officer does reconsider, realizing that a simple error was made and then the application for Canadian permanent residence will continue to be processed. If the request for reconsideration is not successful and one is still convinced that an error was made, then the only remedy left at that point is to go to the Federal Court within sixty days of receiving the negative decision.

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