Document checklists will describe what supporting documents must accompany an application for Canadian immigration . It is worthwhile to understand that the terms “original”, “notarized copy”, “photocopy” and “certified translation” appear on the checklists in order to present the proper form of document to comply with the government’s Canadian Immigration requirements. An original document is the actual document issued by the issuing authority. A photocopy is a copy of the original. A notarized copy is a photocopy that has been signed and stamped by a Notary Public or lawyer who indicates on the notarized copy that he/she has seen the original and is certifying that the photocopy is a true copy of the original that he/she has seen. Finally, a certified translation should contain a copy or original of the foreign language document, the translation in English or French of the foreign language document, and most importantly, an affidavit from the translator confirming that he/she is fluent in the language of the foreign document and in English or French and that the translation is a true translation of the foreign language document. In some cases, government authorized translators have their own stamp or seal but most often the affidavit of translation should be sworn before a notary public or lawyer.

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