Submitting a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) application for permanent residence in Canada is certainly a faster way of obtaining one’s permanent resident status. We receive many inquiries from potential Canadian immigrants who are eligible to apply in the Federal program but who wish their applications fast tracked using a PNP. Unless an applicant meets the PNP requirements, however, it is recommended that the Federal application be submitted. Should a person applying for Canadian immigration who has submitted a federal application later meet the PNP requirements, it may be possible to apply the government fees previously paid for the federal application to the new PNP, provided that no assessment has yet occurred in the Federal application. By submitting the Federal application right away, a person seeking to become a Canadian immigrant has the security of knowing that his application is in process and that he or she will not be losing time by delaying filing the application , hoping to meet the PNP requirements in the future.

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