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Firstly, Canada has a lot of abundant resources, these enormous resources most of which are yet to be fully exploited. They include Minerals, Agricultural and Human resources, of course yes! It is an eye opener for the immigrants who have the mind set to invest money or bring skills that will facilitate more discoveries of what to produce from these abundant resources to increase Canada per capital income or standard of living.

Also Canada has a large market with a population of about 33.7 Million people. The Canadian market potentially also stretches into the growing provinces and sub-region. The benefit of this large market is an offer no one will reject as this widens ones scope in terms of diversification.

Another opportunity which I see in Canada is a political stability, any nation with stability in their political systems is bound to grow sporadically, immigrant to Canada will enjoy stable business environment which will culminate into maximum productivity and greater return from all and sundry.

Furthermore, Canada has a free market economy. The government of Canada has created a favorable climate for business and industrial ventures. Administrative and bureaucratic procedures have been greatly streamlined. The government has put in place policies and programmes that guarantee a free market economy.

Also robust private sector is another opportunity in Canada. The country has a dynamic private sector, which has assumed greater responsibilities under the Canada new economic environment. This enables immigrants an opportunity showcasing his/her skills in this field.

Likewise free flow of investment is another opportunity. Exchange control regulations ave been liberalized to ensure free flow of international finance. There is now unrestricted movement of investment capital.

Moreover, fast growing financial sector, there is a well developed banking and financial sector. The investor has easy access to working capital and other credit facilities and this of course is an opportunity for the immigrant to benefit.

In addition, Canada offers opportunity for skilled and unskilled labor, there is an abundant of skilled Labor at an economic cost, resulting in production costs, which are among the lowest in Canada. Also a comprehensive package of incentives, has been put in place to attract investment.

Lastly, infrastructural development is another opportunity that attract immigrant. Rapid development of physical and industrial infrastructure, in terms of transportation, communication, electricity and water supply will go a long way promoting maximum opportunity for immigrant to invest.

In conclusion, these highlighted points will give me and my family the best opportunity of achieving our various and collective goals in life and also prepare us with enough tools for other life challenges to come.