The medical examination of a spouse being sponsored continues to frustrate some of our clients. A person being sponsored must go to a designated medical practitioner (“DMP”) whose name appears on the list of DMPs published by the Canadian government. The DMP forwards the results of the examination to the proper authorities but provides the potential Canadian immigrant with the IMM1017EFC form. This form is green in colour and must be submitted with the application to sponsor when submitted to the Mississauga Case Processing Centre. If a potential Canadian immigrant is having the examination completed by a DMP inside Canada, but is having processing of the spousal sponsorship completed outside of Canada, it is very important to advise the DMP before the examination to ensure that the DMP has the proper IMM1017EFC form to provide to the immigrant. Without the IMM1017EFC form, the Mississauga Case Processing Centre will return the application to sponsor and processing for Canadian immigration will not proceed.

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