The expiration date on Canadian immigration visas is usually one year after the completion of the medical examination. Since medicals for spousal sponsorships are completed before the application for Canadian permanent residence is submitted, it is wise to have the examination completed just before filing the application to allow the most time possible for the processing of the application. Applicants who receive their Canadian immigration visas for other categories of Canadian immigration will note that the expiration date is one year after the medicals were done. Since it is easy to confuse the order of day/month on the immigrant visa, if one remembers that the expiration date is one year from the completion of the medical examination, the proper expiration date will be confirmed. As there have been cases where persons tried to enter Canada after the expiration date on their visas, having confused the order of the day/month, it is important to check the expiration date and one may use the timing of the Canadian immigration medical as a guide.

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