The Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration for Canada and the Honourable Patrick Rouble, Minister of Education for Yukon, announced in May the new Agreement for Canada Yukon Cooperation on Immigration and launched a new immigration Web portal for the territory.

The new agreement helps strengthen the partnership between the two governments to encourage immigration to Yukon. The immigration agreement enhances cooperation between Canada and Yukon in overseas promotion and recruitment activities to help attract skilled immigrants, temporary workers and students; allows Yukon to nominate more immigrants, like with many provinces, with specific skills to respond to the territory’s labour market needs, for quicker processing by the federal government; commits the two governments to working together to secure better recognition of foreign qualifications and faster integration of immigrants into the labour market.

The new territorial Web portal complements the agreement by enhancing online content, tools and services for newcomers. The portal will serve to promote the territory as a destination of choice, and help immigrants settle and prosper in the region.

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