Gov’t agencies powerless over Canada ‘immigration consultants’

MAKATI City – Citing lack of jurisdiction, government agencies responsible for deployment of Filipinos remain powerless over recruiters claiming to help easy entry to Canada. Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said foreign and local “immigration consultants” have capitalized on many Filipinos’ desire to pack their bags for the North American market. “They are registered with the […]

Canadians want fair refugee system: Report

Months before the Harper government proposed revamping Canada’s refugee system, it was warned Canadians likely would balk at any move to treat asylum seekers differently, depending on their country of origin. Most Canadians want the refugee system to “err on the side of fairness,” said a report commissioned by the federal government. The research was […]

Durban refusal a good call

Jason Kenney, Minister of Immigration in the Conservative party cabinet, has announced that Canada will not participate in Durban III, an international conference supposedly convened to publicize and criticize human rights violations around the globe. In fact, the past two conferences have been convened almost entirely to demonize the state of Israel. Canada was the […]

Honest immigration officer returns $10K to Canada-bound Filipino

Overcoming the temptation to use the money for his cancer-stricken mother’s hospital bills, an airport immigration officer returned the $10,000 left on his desk by a Canada-bound Filipino passenger. Immigration officer Amando Amisola admitted in a radio interview Monday he was tempted to keep the <span>money</span> but eventually decided he had to do the right thing. “Honestly […]