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The AKCANADA staff are really professional and always available to answer all your questions most of the time in less than 24 hours. They take their time to analyse your applicaton to notice any or possible mistakes so your application has a better chance to get approved.

Ms. Anne Doris Vital

Type of Application: Skilled Worker
Country: Haiti

First and foremost I want to say a sincere "Thank you" to Abrams & Krochak for helping me obtain my Permanent Residence. During the time I was preparing my application, collecting the necessary documents, etc., Abrams & Krochak and their Team were always just an email away, ready and willing to help, replying quickly to my questions, providing me with information and direction I needed. I felt confident and at ease, knowing I wasn't alone during the process, but had a Team of Professionals assisting me each step of the way. I received my Permanent Residence 7 months ahead of the required waiting time! I would recommend Abrams & Krochak to everyone who is seeking Immigration to Canada!

Mrs. Mikerlange Stewart

Type of Application: Family Class
Country: Haiti