Changes to Visitor Visa Requirements

March 6, 2008

As of March 1, 2008, it is not necessary for citizens of Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania and Hungary to obtain visitor visas before travelling to Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has removed the visitor visa requirement from these EU countries, with a view to some day removing visitor visa requirements from the last two EU countries that still require a visitor visa: Bulgaria and Romania. In order to obtain a visitor visa, one requires a letter of invitation from a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada that establishes the Canadian’s source of income and ability to support the visitor for the duration of his visit. The visitor should also be able to confirm that he/she has ties to his/her country of citizenship including employment, to return to following the visit. Notwithstanding evidence submitted in support of the visitor visa application, it is a discretionary application and is often refused citing the intended visitor’s lack of ties to his/her country of citizenship.

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Consistency Increases Interview Waivers and Approval in the Canadian Immigration Process

March 3, 2008

With the use of the simplified application forms, eventually  Canadian Immigration visa officers request a complete set of application forms and supporting documents.  It is most important that the information on the complete set of application forms is consistent with the information initially supplied on the simplified application forms.  If any information requires a revision, it would be prudent to provide an explanation for the change from what was on the simplified form.  Consistency is important in maintaining credibility, as unexplained material changes will rightfully create a doubt in the  Canadian Immigration visa officer regarding the truthfulness of the evidence submitted.  With the presentation of verifiable and objective evidence, consistent with the data provided in the application forms, the likelihood of a waiver of interview and approval of the application will increase.

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